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            Chemical Name: Methyltriacetoxysilane

            Structural Formula: CH3Si(OOCCH3)3 (M=220.3)

            Physical and Chemical properties: The product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with strong acetic acid odor, which appears as white crystal at low temperature. Soluble in acetic anhydride. Crosslink with water and generate acetic acid.

          Specification: Melting Point: 40.5
          Boiling Range: 110\112
          /17mmHg Specific Gravity(20
          ): 1.16\1.17 g/ml Refractive Index(25
          ):1.4045\1.4055 Crystalline: purity
          93% Semi-Crystalline: purity
          65% Residual Chlorine

            Applications:Mainly used as a (acid) cross-linking agent of vulcanized silicone rubber and silicone sealant.

            Storage: Stored in airtight containers and placed in a dry and cool position away from light.

            Packages: plastic drum or iron drum with plastic lining, 25kg or 230kg per net weight.